Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Reality and Why the Country Dosen't Speak the Same Language on Gun Violence

Americans have a hard time discussing gun regulations because we have different histories with guns.

For most of us older Americans, our history with guns is skeet shooting or hunting. For many veterans, guns were what kept you safe.

For kids now growing into adulthood, their history with guns is very different. The stats are that 25% of young people know  someone that has been affected by gun violence. But even more than that, they are subject to possible attack all the time.

Almost every school in America now has a lock-down drill.  Really, almost ever US school!

Think back when you were in school and you had earthquake or tornado drills. You learned to be wary of them. Now imagine that you had adults saying a tornado was a good thing. I know I am old, but we had drop and cover drills for nuclear bombs from Russia and they scared the shit out of me.

This is our children's reality. Of course they want sensible gun laws.

And finally.. this...

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