Monday, May 28, 2018

Had bit of a Geo-Political Orgasm Today

It has been a hell of a trip. Today was one of the coolest days ever.  This is Aris Seferovic, the head of the UN Mission in Bosnia.  And by Head, I mean the Resident Coordinator AND the Head of UN Development Programs!!!

So Jen and I meet with him and had coffee. Of course we talked about the project and next steps.  

But then we spent 45 minutes more talking, in general on the state of Bosnia Herzegovina in both economic and political terms. Where they are next, who to work with, what are next steps for the country. You know the internal workings of the BiH government and the UN political scene and the newly passed UN reorganization.  With a UN Head!!!!

I totally Geo-nerded out. It was one of the best days EVER (you know, except for Eddie).