Thursday, December 06, 2018

Good Grief

Republican politicians (as opposed to ALL Republican people) are masters of perverting the rule of law, change voter requirements, and then changing the rules after they lose. These politicians are, to put it bluntly, fucks.

The Republicans are the only party in American (and most of the western world) that actively tries to making voting harder and reduce electorial participation.  In any other country we would call this what it is, an affront to Democracy and probably illegal. In fact, the Badger state is following the foot-steps of North Carolina legislature. How is that going, their work is being fought in court (at massive tax-payer expense) and they are losing.

Repulican Politicians are not good people.

When they are not screwing the incoming Democrats, they are actively working to subvert the intention of the people. For example in Michigan. There, in order to keep a minimum wage increase off the ballot, they passed the law. But before it passed, they amended it to NOT increase minimum wage until 2030 (yes 12 years from now). And in 2030, tipped employees wages will rise to $4.35 an hour!

As Zela would said with no enthusiasm, whoop-ee.