Sunday, December 02, 2018

This is a Reason "Climate Change" is Confusing

President Trump's dumb ass tweet aside, Climate Change is truely difficult to understand and map. There are many complexities and interrelationships.  Here is one that is counter intuitive, climate change may make the tropics MUCH warmer and winters in the US and Europe MUCH colder.


Ocean Currents...
This is the full article, here is the short poop-ski.

Some ocean currents are slowing down, including the Gulf Stream - as the oceans heat up. We all learned about this one in school. The Gulf Stream is the white arrow above. It takes hot water from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico up the Atlantic and over to Europe.

But glaciers are melting quicker than ever, so more fresh water in specific and the more total  water in general now comes south between Labrador and Greenland. This works to push the current out into the Atlantic and away from North-east US (and Canada) and further from Europe. This will make European winters actually much colder.

Possibly. That's the thing. Even though we have massive computers, the follow on effects of all this cannot be known.

One other thing - which is just about me. I find this FASCINATING. I studied this shit at UCLA and never thought I would live to see it. I was a Geography / Economics major, and aside from international airline routes, THIS was what I was interest in! I mean, this shit was suppose to happen in 2100 / 2200 - but it is happening now! It is like a biologist being able to watch thousands of years of evolution in a single lifetime.