Sunday, January 06, 2019

Kevin Spacey's charges in Nantucket are kind of bullshitty

I don't bow to a lot of people on my protection of children, or my queasiness of Kevin Spacey. He's a great actor, a creep and a liar. And my opinion of him has been pretty consistent. I've met him a few times and he is also fairly charming one on one.  I give all this as prelims.

He is charged in Nantucket with ...

"Spacey, 59, has been charged with felony indecent assault and battery for his alleged role in a 2016 incident inside a Nantucket restaurant. According to the allegations in Massachusetts, Spacey touched an 18-year-old man against his wishes in a sexual manner inside a Nantucket eatery in July 2016."

And, in this matter, the charges are pure ass bullshit.  Normally I wouldn't say anything, but I think judicial overreach in case like this distracts us from the actual sexual assaults against women, children and others.  This is such a huge judicial over reaction that it demeans actual rapes and sexual assaults.

The gentleman who was the victim was 18 years old. Which I know doesn't absolve what happened. But Kevin Spacey was flirting with him, and he bragged about it to his girlfriend.

When she didn't believe him, he took pictures of Kevin Spacey's hand on his crotch over his clothes, went to the bathroom, sent them to his girlfriend, walked back to the bar and had more drinks with Kevin Spacey.  That isn't assault.

Women being attacked don't take pictures of it to send to their friends then go back out and sit with an attacker!  And to pretend it is assault cheapens when women call it out.

Yes the guy was 18. And a 56 year old hitting on an 18 is creepy, like I said. But it is legal. And in straight relationships - not that unusual. It is legal for them to have sex, get married. And 18 is plenty old enough to say no.

Even if you think an 18 year old, wowed by a movie start can't say no in general... he got up, left Kevin Spacey and texted his girlfriend. And came back. He could have left!  He could call the police! He could have the girlfriend call the police! He could have the girlfriend come a throw a scene to save him!

Just say you want cash - like we know you do.  Save the charges against Kevin Spacey for real acts of assault, there are probably plenty.