Friday, February 01, 2019

Trump's Most Ineffective Gaslighting Yet...

Watching President Trump talk is sometimes like watching a dog eat another dog's shit on the ground. You are so shocked and appalled you almost can't hit them on the nose.

This week's topper?

The heads of the US Intelligence areas (NSA, CIA and Dept of Defense / Military) all had to testify to Congress. They do every year, on the key foreign threats. They were asked about the President's pet peeves - and answered honestly, which means directly opposite the President.

On ISIS - no we have not beaten them. The President said ISIS was defeated did last month.
On North Korea - yes they are still building nuclear weapons and are a threat. The President said he and Kim "fell in love", and the threat was over.
On Iran - no the Iran government was not building nuclear weapons right now or cheating on the treaty. The President pulled out of the treaty last year.

The President's first answer (via tweet - where else) was that the intelligence agencies were naive in have to go back to school. The new answer is above. They were misquoted and taken out of context. This happened, oddly enough, during live multi-hour Congressional testimony where their answers were "taken out of context".  He also told people to call them and find the truth. To no one's surprise, the head of NSA, CIA and Dept of Defense did not respond to the media's calls for clarification.