Monday, April 16, 2018

Funniest SNL Sketch Ever

One of the old writers of SNL is now a stand up comic and has a NetFlix special. So he was invited to host Saturday Night Live this week.

Ed and I watched this sketch and I laughed my ass off. It turns out it was one that he wrote 8 years ago, but they never put on. As host, he had more pull. It was fantastic. (PS - It was so random, I told Ed, before I knew it, I bet that it was a pet sketch of his they never put on, and I was right.)


ShellyH said...

This was the best SNL, over all, I've seen in years. Loved this sketch and his opening monologue was really funny too. I kept wondering during Les Lobster sketch "Are they having to pay for all this music"

(shell) "Cracking Up" in Wisconsin said...

I'm not sure how they all (almost all) kept from busting a gut. Poor Clawsette......HA!