Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

So last night I went an saw Sleep No More again.  It was better the first time.  The excitement, the thrill, and newnesss of it is missing upon repeat viewing - and you are left with the a mainly silent display of angst and agony. It played more as a show the second time and a silent Macbeth in a 1930s set of mansions and hotels is.. well not a complete story cycle.
However Simon brought a friend, Rowan, and he was fun.  He is from Modesto and a very young, very smart, extremely quick witted and rather pleased with himself.  I enjoyed our banter before the show; it is rare I get to play verbal gymnastics with someone from back home - figuratively (and, Modesto or not, his background and outlook were similar enough to mine to make the wordplay tremendously fun and reminded me of my misspent youth).
Today Eddie, Simon, Graham and Graham's friend all head out to Fire Island before me.  They shall set up house, get snacks and soda (maybe some liquor) and I shall head out after work with Trevor.  Trev will hate the journey - but love the destination, so that will be good fun.
See and not a word about our politics which has evolved from Kabuki to Chekhov with only the most passing nod at farcical tragedy along its way.  Where it all shall end is anyone's guess - but the audience is walking out in droves (perhaps they have seen The Seagull).

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Resting in Wisconsin said...

Relax....Enjoy....Have a vodka/cranberry for me. Give my best to Simon...maybe see if you can get a nice merlot into his hand. :)