Friday, February 10, 2012

Do They Even Listen to Themselves?

Jim DeMint opened CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) with a speech that said he cannot compromise with the Democrats because:
"We don’t have shared goals with the Democrats. The democrats can’t cut spending. Their whole platform is based on promising more from government," DeMint told activists gathered in Washington, D.C.
The whole government grew under Bush 2, we started 2 unfunded war, added a Prescription Medicare Benefit vs. Clinton where the budget was balanced so - WTF..?
But that wasn't the biggest inconsistency for this, the brightest blub in the Tea Party Firmamentee.  He said this, then spoke about Keystone Pipeline.

DeMint dealt mainly in broad strokes, outlining a “decentralized” approach to health care and transportation, DeMint argued for familiar themes to conservatives, including state’s rights and budget prudence.
One hot topic that came up – the Keystone pipeline, which DeMint said would ensure tens of thousands of jobs.
“Who could say no?  Folks, we’re not talking about complicated political philosophy here,” he said.

Regardless of the merits of the Keystone Pipelin (and yes I think it would have been approved had the Republicans not forced Obama's hand) the opposition to this - outside of environmentalists - was both parties and all branches of the state of Nebraska, where it was suppose to go through.  We are not talking about "complicated philosophy here" - but it does fly directly AGAINST states rights and "decentralization", which you just championed.
Dip shit.

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