Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh Good Grief (but I LURVE the picture)

So in another inane post, throwing as much gasoline as possible on a fire - the Times of London suggests that if Iran gets a bomb, Saudi Arabia will buy a few from Pakistan and then try to make some.  To which one must say, so what?  Moving a nuclear weapon from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia isn't much of a chance as far as I see it.
But I do say I LOVE the picture included.  It is of Saudi Arabian "special forces".  As in "special needs" me thinks.  I mean, first off.  Great goofy eyes on the left.  Second, all black - in the desert?  Wouldn't desert camo or even all beige work better.  Maybe this is their "nighttime" uniform.. o their "diving through oil" uniform.  But if they are marching in a parade to show how cool they are, this is their "dumb" uniform.
Not Huey , Dewey & Louie

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