Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It's a Baby Step - but a step in any case

Prop 8 was overturned (in the case of California only) because ...
The people may not employ the initiative power to single out a disfavored group and strip them, without a legitimate justification, of a right as important as a right to marry.
Nothing changes right now - the Mormons and other pro-Prop8 backers have the right of appeal.  It has to be them, since the State will not support it.  And California is a unique case, because the State Constitution was found to allow Gay Marriage - which was taking place - when the initiative process took away that right.
But it is nice to know that the court doesn't think it is acceptable to single out a group to legislate against just because you don't like them.

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Moooving in the right direction in Wisconsin said...

Day by day....step by step...keep on keeping on. I'll support your rights - even if I'm from the land of really happy cows and not moderately happy cows.