Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Obvious Answer: Don't Take Federal Money

Loyola Marymount University in LA
There is a giant brouhaha boiling now about Obama's "War on Christians" - in particular the requirement that Catholic Universities and Hospitals provide Birth Control as part of their health insurance.  Catholics - as a  theology and religious hierarchy; not the laity - are anti-birth control.**

**  I say not the laity since, according to polls, between 70 and 90 % of Catholics use or have used some sort of non-rhythmic contraceptive - ie the Pill, Condoms, IUD, etc..
There is a simple solution to this - opt out.  Catholic Hospitals and Universities could stop accepting Federal dollars.  But the deal that that Catholics have struck with the government is that they provide a resource without regards to religion.  Notre Dame and St. John's Hospital do NOT discriminate based on religion - and so they are eligible for Federal funds (scholarships, federal loans, grants, medical reimbursement).  With regards to hospitals, this agreement has priced out non-Catholic hospitals in many places.
All this is fine - that is the deal we have.  But you don't get to change the deal.  Catholic hospitals AGREED to not discriminate hiring due to religion - so you can't now yell foul that you have to provide adequate health insurance due to religious bigotry.
If you want to change the rules - change all the rules.  Stop getting federal funds, start paying taxes on your land and you can do whatever you want.  I know it pains some in the hierarchy to play fair, but that is freedom from state established religions too.


Joc said...

The Vatican used to have financial interest in pharmaceutical companies that manufactured birth control. Not sure if that's still the case. Surprisingly, Google didn't give me a quick answer.

"Fed" up in Wisconsin said...

Precisely. Or....consider this. A church can be tax free and not have to do anything it is idealogically opposed to. However, when said church opens up hopsital or insurance company - poof - now you're not a church and you lose your religeous coat of arms. I don't give a shit if you have a cross or a crescent on your logo. If you're operating a business, you play by those rules. If you're a church, then you can play by those rules.