Monday, April 23, 2012

A Question of Priorities

How can we afford an 11 year war in Afghanistan - but not afford to Public Universities?  How can we afford to roll back taxes so that they are the lowest in over 40 years, but raise tuition at a public Universities to over $21,000 per year - before books, room and board?  How can we afford to send  more on our defense departments than the next 10 countries added together, but rank #37th in national education spending.
When did we stop investing in our future?
Isn't giving our youth an opportunity a National Priority?  Isn't it at least as important as keeping 25,000 men in uniform in South Korea and 140,000 in Afghanistan?  Unless we are training our youth to be mercenaries?

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Sarcastic in Wisconsin - Don't get me started.... said...

Actually, I think we are training our youth to be mercenaries. We'll need lots of angry young white men with guns to fight the wars on women, the gays, the black kids in hoodies, all those mexicans who take the jobs we don't want, the lousy teachers, and the free loading public employees.