Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So, just to be clear, one of the big arguments against Same Sex Marriage is we will have to teach kids about gay sex, then why is this okay....

I have heard quite a few people say that the problem with making same sex marriage "normal" is that children will have to learn about it.
okay...  I disagree, we don't teach kids about marriage at all.  I mean I didn't learn about it in my school, but whatever.  And yet, with this argument, what is with the hootin' and hollerin' for this poor 4 year old who has been taught to sing in church that "Ain't No Homo Gonna Make It To Heaven".
It's bad to tell kids about a committed same sex relationship, but it is great to teach kids that homos are going to burn in hell?

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Anonymous said...

Horrifying! Hate on a level that should embarrass "Christians" If you go to church every Sunday, what are you doing to stop this?? Or are you just okay with it.