Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adam Von Koeverden: Canook Kayaker

Adam Von Koeverden is representing Canada in the Kayak.  He is a pretty cool guy.
Eddie and I saw him in Beijing, where he won the Silver in 500 M Kayak (flat).
He won a Gold and Bronze in 2004.
He is still going - and I am rooting for him in London.  He's a nice little Canadian (aren't they all nice).  And cute to boot!  In Beijing, he carried the flag during the march of nations.
This is his Roots ad.
He's getting old (for an Olympic Athlete) and still going.


Olympic Ice Cream eater from Wisconsin said...

Apparently they don't have fried chicken or ice cream in Canada. What's his body fat percentage? Minus 1?

As an aside: While I lurve the Olympic games, they are also a painful reminder that I am definitely NOT citius, altius, fortius and never will be. Never-the-less, it's so much fun to watch those amazing humans that are in top form.

Joc said...

He looks like a rack of ribs. Not that that's a bad thing. And yes, we have have fried chicken and ice cream in Canada. And whale blubber. But portions aren't yet super-sized. However, since moving to the US, I have super-sized