Monday, June 18, 2012

Andreas Thorkildsen (of.. course)

Age has not withered..
Well you know any Scooter wrap up of (non-US) Olympic Athletes would have to include Andreas Thorkildsen, Norwegian Javelin defending Gold Medalist from both Beijing and Athens.   Ed and I saw him in Beijing - he was amazing, charming and seemed like a great guy.
At Athens
Andreas now practices in San Diego - apparently everyone wants to escape winter.
Now  Adreas has a little extra pressure this year because tragedy struck the Norwegian Olympic Team just a few days ago.  On June 14th, Norway's 100 meter Breaststroke World Champion was found dead at his training site (in Arizona).  He died of a heart attack, probably due toa hereditary condition.  This puts the onus on Andreas as Norway's big hope.
At Beijing
Andreas has, in typical fashion, put the whole thing in perspective.  He wants to represent Norway well, but he competes still because he enjoys the sport.  And he will stop when he stops enjoying it.  Of course the death of a friend hangs on him, but he knows that Alexander Dale was doing what he loved.
Andreas has become a big deal internationally, and the glamour shot here is from his Italian Men's Vogue shoot.
He almost always looks like he loves what he does.
Last Year in Men's Vogue
As my good friend Gavin would say "scuutte"

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