Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So we saw Ghost

So, we saw Ghost - The Musical (as opposed to "Ghost - The Opera" I suppose) and it was okay.
Here's problem 1.  It is suppose to be awful and funny.  But it wasn't awful.  It wasn't even bad.  Just kind of blah.  And the problem is 100% the music.  The singers were very good, the sets were fun (even though Ben I-Hate-Newsies Bratley hated them) and it wasn't a terrible story.
But the songs were totally forgettable.  And also, not very coherent.  And having different actors singing different songs kind of works with Andrew Llyod Webber, sort of works with Tim Rice and doesn't at all work with songs that are stupid to start with.
Here's problem 2.  You post this picture on the marquee and you expect something.

Yeah, a little skin.  You expect a little skin.  But Humpy McHumpster spends the entire show in the shirt he was killed in.  So, you could fix problem 2 by having the killer rip his shirt off (or at least rip it open) and the whole show is 50% better to start with!
Just saying.


Not Topless in Wisconsin said...

I'd kill to be 50% better without my shirt. Just sayin'....

Scott said...

I kill to look like THAT without my shirt on. But just to look better? No. Main - yes. Kill - no.