Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mascot of the Month: Captain Alex

Captain Alex in our recent trip was amazing.  He is my Mascot of the Month - even though it is tres late in the month.  I figure he is a good pick because he was instrumental this month already.  Alex did a wonderful job as Captain.  Not only teaching us the fun of sailing, but maintaining order on the ship without a mutiny.

Captain Alex (his partner is right behind him)
 Here is a picture of Alex, Tequila (the boat) and Ed.  Alex made Eddie enjoy the sailing part of the system.  Even the jib-ing, the grinding, the cleat-ing and all.  bouncing across the ocean was a kick.

Ed, Alex and Tequila.  

Final sleeping stop.
We saw some beautiful spots, that surprised me.  If you look at the scenery though, you see it looks a lot like  Southern California landscapes.

One of the great places we stopped along the way

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile it's not actually the captains partner behind him. It's the author's husband!