Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the Fundamental Theater Project Fundraiser

Eddie and I hosted a fundraiser for the Fundamental Theater Project last night.  It was a reading of "Pride" with Fundamental Theater Project members TJ, Sam and Nicola - with Anthony Rapp (original "Mark" from RENT).
TJ Mannix, Sam Underwood, Anthony Rapp and Nicola Murphy
Here is a picture of all of them during the reading.

Nicola, Me, Sam, Sir Peter Shaffer, Eddie, Katrina Denney & Greg Furman
Afterwards, here is a picture of The Fundamental Theater Project directors, with Ed and I.  The gentleman in the middle is Sir Peter Shaffer (playwright of Equus and Amadeus), who is the honorary Chair of the Theater Group.
Don't think we got a big head because we were in a picture with Sir Peter Shaffer.  As you can see from the picture below, he is more interested in Trevor! (corrected sentence... thank you)
Sam, Sir Peter & Angie Underwood (Sam's Mum) with Trevor!


gynexin said...

we get a big head of a picture with Sir Peter Shaffer - he is more interested in Trevor!

Scott said...

Thanks for pointing out the problem Gynexin. I fixed the sentence.