Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So, having been to tiny Turkish coastal towns where you have to actually put toilet paper in the trash can because the toilets can’t take it, Indian cities overwhelming the infrastructure with millions of extra people and the slums of Rio  - I can honestly say that 41st and 42nd street between the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Dyer is one of the most vile, disgusting, ignored parcels of human habitation in the world.
And it is this open toilet, bums on the sidewalk, screaming New York construction workers shit-hole that I walk through every day - and take Trevor around every morning. 
This neighborhood is made more inviting (as if that is possible)
… by a masses of humanity,  purposefully avoiding eye-contact, hurrying to work. 
… by cars which constantly illegally turn left to block all traffic and crosswalks – while traffic people (they cannot possible be police officers since I have NEVER seen then write a ticket) watch from the corners – bored.  
… by car horns blaring away under the “$300 fine for honking” signs. the new, rich assholes living “the  MIMA” which refuse to pick up their dog crap.
… by the screaming junkies and hookers that seem to work at all hours
… by the multiple 99cent pizza shops and the Papaya Dog stand that really class up the place.
I have grown to loathe it.  LOATHE IT.
Great way to start the day.

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Pep Talker from Wisconsin said...

I think you may have to get back on your boat. We had trouble adjusting back to "our real world" after Puerto Rico so I think I can relate/empathize a little bit.

Chin up, Poncho! Everything will be better tomorrow.