Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Olympian from New Zealand: Michael Arms Rowing 8s

Team rowing is an interesting event.  I think it is a little odd because the lead often changes on each stroke.
Anyway - today's athlete is Michael Arms from New Zealand.  He is on the 8 man rowing team.  He has been working to get to the Olympics for a while, including moving up to the 8s.
Good luck Michael.
Michael at the qualifying competition
Michael in 2008, when he was a junior - he set his eyes on the 2012 Olympics and moved up to the 8s

The New Zealand 8s - Michael is 4th from the right


Paddler from Wisconsin said...

Interesting..... sorta funny too that a man with the last name of "Arms" would be in rowing. What's next? A man named Foot playing soccer? :)

On a related note; I heard a story on NPR this morning about women's rowing. Apparently the U.S. women are incredibly dominating in the 8's - winning the last 6 world and Olympic golds. We're so dominant that those who don't make the 8's team compete for other rowing events such as pairs. Here's a link to the NPR story.

Lindseyhjqf said...

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