Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quiet at Night

One of the things I find I really miss about LA is a quiet night.  Here are three types of quiet nights I grew up with or got used to.

The night view above Hollywood.  When we used to walk the dogs at night in the hills, you saw all the lights, but it was eerily quiet in the Hills.  Now, compared to Montana - there was the constant hum of the freeway and the drone of the helicopters (gawd - I miss the helicopters), but compared to New York City, it was blissfully quiet.

The Queen's Necklace or the ocean looking down from PCH.  Even when I was 16 living in the outskirts of LA County or in the depths of the County of Orange, if I was having a bad night I would drive up Pacific Coast Highway and stop somewhere this side of Malibu proper and watch the lights.  You could sit on the rocks, just  below the road, here the ocean crash and watch.
I used to do that on bad nights after the bar.  Nothing is as peaceful as sitting there at 4:30 AM, when you have zoned out so long the sun comes up.
And, because it is the Pacific with the Alaska Current, it is always ALWAYS cool at the Ocean.

The night sky in the desert.  Almost no description needed.  Palm Springs was full of stars.  Sometimes I would sit in the Jacuzzi - without jets - and just watch the sky for hours.
Don't get me wrong.  New York is very cool.  But there are times I miss home.

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