Sunday, July 01, 2012

Brazilian Pole Vaulter: Fábio Gomes da Silva

Fábio Gomes da Silva is the Brazilian Pole Vaulter representing Brazil in the London Olympics (that isn't a typo - we will revisit an American Pole Vaulter representing Brazil later in this post).

Fabio  was 8th in the last world championships in 2011.  He is a favorite of the Brazilians with his warm smile and easy attitude.
And, I love the outfit.


As to the "other Brazilian Pole Vaulter" we all know... well, we all knew and loved? Tommy Hintinaus.  Who?, say you. Tommy Hintinaus say I.
In 1980 the young Southern Californian vaulted for Brazil - where he was born - so he could compete in the Moscow Games.  In 1984, since he had already competed for Brazil, he represented them at the Los Angeles Games, which was his hometown.
Yes it was on the streets of LA (Sunset Plaza - actually) where a young Mr. Hintnaus caught the eye of Bruce Webber.  Only to be plastered in New York Times - and hidden in the books of young gay boys everywhere.
I actually played basketball against Mr. Hitinaus years later at the Manhattan Beach Spectrum Club gym.  He had a rock hard ass and a reputation for sleeping with so many girls that all the beach volleyball players at the gym refused to introduce him to their sisters or girlfriends.
And no, not airbrushed.


Boulder from Wisconsin said...

No fried chicken or In & Out Burger for him I guess. :)

Instead of a "vaulter" - I think I'm more of the "catipult type" The problem is, I resemble the boulder they hurl. :)

Anonymous said...

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