Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cuba's Table Tennis Hope: Andy Pereira

Sometimes you want to highlight a guy who tries hard.  A guy who slaves to get to the Olympics, knowing that he has got a hell of a road to hoe once he gets there.
Andy - winning a point.
That would be Cuba's Andy Pereira.
Table Tennis (aka in the US as Ping Pong).  Now Cuba is know for killer athletes.  Their boxers are stuff of legend and they play baseball with the best of them. But Andy - Andy is competing in Pin Pong.  And that spot is DOMINATED by the Chinese (see last picture).
So, good luck Andy.  You qualified by being one of the best in the world.
I was lucky to see Table Tennis Team final in Beijing.  And yes, China kicked Germany's ass.
Ping Pong players have crazy concentration
This was last year's world championship final board.
You see our Andy does face an uphill fight.

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