Friday, July 13, 2012

Fabian Hambüchen: Germany's fun Little Gymnast

Fabian Hambuchen
I like Fabian.  He's a nice guy, he's all smiles in public and he rocks it in competition.
In 2004 he was the youngest German Athlete in Athens.  He competed in China (where Eddie and I saw him  win Bronze in the High Bar.  He is (was?) also the face of Athletics in Germany for a while.  He did a suite of ads for an energy company (I think - I can't figure out the logos).
Fabian is a true child of the social media age.  He was born in 1987 and has had shared his story and pictures via website, blog and interviews since he started.
And he wears glasses.
Parallel Bars for the Ads (logo on shoulder)

Middle of Bronze Medal Routine

My Favorite Event ; Pommel (with logo)

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