Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joao Rodrigues: 40 Year Old! Portuguese Olympian

In giving hope to old men everywhere, Joao Rodrigues is 40 and competing (again!) in the Olympics for Portugal.  He is a windsurfer (called "Sailboarding" in the Olympic vernacular).
Last year (2011) he won the World Championship in Perth, become the first 40 year old to do so.
Funny story - I used to work with the first Windsurfing world champion, Paul Buelow.  Nice guy.
Anyway, good luck Joao - I am pulling for you!
Competing .
Joao is from Maderia (the "A").  He set a world record windsurfing from Salvegam Granda (the blud dot).
It's only 167 miles - so I might have it way wrong on the map.

Winning this year in Perth

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