Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To be honest... I have picked most of the Athletes in my list..

To be honest, as I have chosen the athletes, I have focused on interesting sports - and unique countries.
And, to be honest, I have gotten a few "where's the beef" questions.  So - to those people I say 2 things.
1 - That isn't what the Olympics is about.
2 - Aussie Swim Team pic (select to enlarge).
(L-R) Cameron McEvoy, Eamon Sullivan, James Roberts, James Magnussen, Matt Targett and Tommaso D’Orsogna : Oye Oye Oye


Anonymous said...

well, well, well. I don't know where to begin.

Cup Cake (not beefcake) from Wisconsin said...

well, well, well. I know where to begin: Give those boys some fried chicken and a biscuit already.

In all seriousness, I actually do think that the beefcake and whatnot is what the Olympics is about. Afterall, the vast majority of the events/sports require people to be in incredible human form in addition to having sport specific athletic skills and techniques. It's a combination of great form (the beefcake) and function (the skill & technique).

I can only dream of having either.

Scott said...

Yes, and thank goodness they have outlawed those horrible full body swim suits.
I mean, they were bad for the sport....