Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pandela Rinong does it all for Malaysia

Today's Athlete: Malaysia's Pandela Rinong
Malaysia Pandela Rinong dives.  And she does it excellently.  She competes on the 10 Meter Platform (30 feet up!).  Which I have watched, and it is a lot higher in person!
A Happy winnder
But that isn't enough.  She also competes in the 10 Meter Synchronized Diving.  Which means almost twice the preparation and training.
Mid Dive

But wait, like a late night infomercial, there is more!  She competes, with a different partner, in the 3 Meter springboard - the bouncy kind we had in backyards before the safety nazis took them all away.
Pandela is on the far side (I can only tell due to the hair)

I am impressed.  She dives, dives well, and dives across the board. 

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