Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What "cool" IT guys do...

Full apologies to Dan, but IT guys - in general, again, not Dan - are not nearly as cool as they think they are (Dan is full on cool).
The latest thing that is beginning to annoy me is the IT loud exhale.  If any of you knew Hastings - my dog - you know what the loud exhale of air, the "phfft" if you will, means.  It is completely derogatory and expresses contempt for the person without  ever actually calling you an asshole. You will get this when the IT guy is at your desk and you say, "I didn't do anything..."
Well now, in a sign they are way too big for their britches (which is a colloquialism... IT guys' britches are always 2 sizes too big, because they know they will grow into them)...
Anyway, in a sign they have indeed grown too big for their britches, they now "phfft" at others, even when they aren't helping people.  I have been in the coffee room and heard the "phfft" in the following areas (not at me, I avoid all comments when IT guys are around... I'm not stupid)...
1. Someone mentions a cool web-site they "just" discovered. ("phfft!"...IT guys know all the cool web-sites before you do and that particular one is just lame).
2. Someone adds creamer to their coffee (Dude, Marketing guys use creamer.)
3. Someone complains to a friend they are out of space on their mail server. (ha! IT guys just add themselves more space.  Dude, I have mail files back to 1990!)
The latest is the IT ring tone.  You know what the IT ring tone is?  Default.  Just the default, Dude, just the default.  16 year old girls and Marketing guys set unique ring tones for each person.  Dude, IT guys don't need to know who is calling, they ignore everyone.

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Technically speaking in Wisconsin said...

Yes. It seems we've returned to the days when most IT guys (and they are all guys...not gals) think they are really cool and know everything - but in reality they are very unaware and are not so cool. And don't get me started on the "service" they provide. Our IT guy just ignores our requests. The sound of silence from him is deafening. Someone should tell them that they're not helping their cause and they are not going to get a date that way. And....dressing like the characters from "Men in Black" can only do so much for anyone. Besides, when your "Men in Black" britches are sized for you to grow into, you're gonna automatically look a little frumpy. So get with it IT dudes...while you're pushing the envelope technologically, you're falling behind socially. So there! (oh...except for Dan)