Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is odd is the faux antique versus actual garish..

So Salon has a listing of the ugliest Gold Medals given out at Olympics - there are 8 and it is a funny list.
However, in looking at the London 2012 medals, I am struck by the dichotomy between the faux antique look on the front and the hideous "modern" look on  the back.  Individually, each side's look is forced and overly designed, but together they combine to be truly a bad idea.
Having said that, heaven knows I won't get one - so good on you athletes.


Everyone's a critic from Wisconsin said...

My favorite bit of ugly is the seatbelt.

Joc said...

Did blogspot get spellcheck or did Eddie write this?

Scott said...

There is a spellcheck in blogger, smart ass. :-)
Also, I am good with words I KNOW that I don't know how to spell. To paraphrase Rumsfeld - I'm fine at the known unknowns, it is the unknown unknowns that throw me.