Thursday, September 20, 2012

So NOT all in good fun

Well, if you are on planet Mars - on not in the USA, you might not be aware of the "chair-as-President Obama" idea.  Clint Eastwood while giving a speech at the Republican National Convention put a chair on stage and spoke to it as an invisible President Obama.
Clint and the Original Chair
Well now Crazy Anti-Obama Republicans are lynching chairs to show how much hate and anger they have towards President Obama.  Not all Republicans and not everyone who wants Obama to lose.  But enough pure hate to scare me a little.  Stories are here (Texas) and here (Virginia).
How twisted is someone to do this?  Per wikipedia about 3,500 black men were lynched in the south between 1882 and 1968.  It was common enough for songs and pictures.  And these people think it is political speech?  They are screwed up.
Chair in Texas

"Nobama" chair in Virginia

Lynched and dead.
People are some sick freaks.

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