Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Saturday's Open House New York Tour

This week-end we participated in a tour from Open House New York.  It was a tour of the old signs that are still visible in New York.
In the olden days (say 1850 - 1930s), there weren't billboards or yellow pages.  So many of the signs were painted right on old buildings.  Because buildings were built next to each other, then pulled down and often the old advertising was later shown.
Anyway, this was very interesting.  Here are some pictures here.
Sign for Bazar Francais - kind of an old Bed, Bath & Beyond

The front of the same storefront

Mrs. Wever's Milliney Store.  It was here in the 1920s before moving uptown.

One of the oldest signs in the city, off 19th and 8th.

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