Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Good Night (for me at least)

I am not trying to gloat, but wanted to bring you up on what I said I was looking at yesterday.
Some key Senate races to note are:
Missouri - where the Democrat (Claire McCaskill) was given a change when her opponent was selected as Todd "Legitimate Rape" Aiken.
M.s McCaskill won this race.  I twas nice to see Todd Aiken done in by his own stupidity.  Statewide, MO went to Romney.
Indiana - where the Democrat was given a change by Richard "Rape is the Will of God" Murdock (corrected the right state and person)
Like Mr. Aiken, Mr. Murdoch was done in by his own stupidity, allowing for the election of Joe Donnelly. Statewide, IN went to Romney as well. 
Connecticut - where Republican Linda McMahon - one of the founders of World Wide Wrestling has run a competent race in a Blue State
A Democrat, Christopher Murphy won Joe Lieberman's old seat.  Ms. Mahon got hummed.  Many people thought it had to do with the relentless negative ads during the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.
Massachusetts - where reasonable Republican incumbent Scott Brown is running against Elizabeth Warren, who headed up a committee to introduce financial reform, but was rejected by Republicans in the legislature.
Ms. Warren won.
Montana - where a reasonably conservative Democratic Senator Jon Tester is trying to hold on in a conservative state (with small c not a Crazy C)
Mr. Tester held onto his seat in this Republican state.
North Dakota - which is pretty Republican generally, but has a reasonable Democratic woman Heidi Heitkamp running well in a conservative state (another stat that is conservative with small c not a Crazy C).  Outside money from SuperPacs has been pouring into this race, which can only annoy the poor TV watchers.
Ms. Heitkamp has won, but only by about 3,000 votes (160,000 to 157,000) and so there is an automatic recount.
Wisconsin - where well respected Tammy Baldwin is trying to become the first openly Gay Senator ever in a state that is daily more bi-polar electorally
Ms. Baldwin won this seat as well.

One interesting thing, this election will bring the most women into the Senate in history, even after two had retired..
Three States are voting if Gay People should be allow the right of Civil Marriage (Washington, Maine & Maryland) and One other state (Minnesota) is voting to make it super-duper illegal (it is already illegal by law, but they want to change the Constitution now).
All three states approved the legalization of gay marriage!  Minnesota rejected the amendment to make it super-duper illegal!
Three states are voting to "tax and regulate" (legalize) marijuana - Colorado, Oregon & Washington.
Colorado and Washington passed the initiatives.  NO one is sure what happens next.
California - as always, has a mis-mash of initiatives (some competing against each other) including requiring labeling of genetically modified foods.
Labelling Genetically modified food lost.  Jerry Brown's Temporary tax for schools won.

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