Thursday, November 08, 2012

I am pleased with the Skyfall Reviews

For those of you in England, I think Skyfall has been out for a week or so, but it starts today in the states.  I read a review that makes me happy.
It says that Skyfall brings back a bit of fun into the franchise.  I love Casino Royal with Daniel Craig, but I though the other one (Quantum of Solstice) was a tough slog.  Lots of action and plot, but not a lot of fun.  I didn't know to blame it on the story, the director, or Mr. Craig who carries off rugged, angry and quiet well - but not so good with flirty and enjoyable.
Say what you will about Sean Connery, he was a Bond would would like to have a drink with.  Daniel Craig (up until now) has been a Bond you would never drink with.  Shag like bunnies, perhaps - hang out with, not so much.
Die Another Days Invisible Car Ice Chase
Which is not good.  I really think Daniel Craig brings a hell of a lot to the role.  I like him.
I just hope the whole thing is a little lighter than the desert of Chile (QofS), without being invisible car / ice house lair in Iceland light (I have blocked the name of that one out of my mind).

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