Thursday, November 08, 2012

Man o Man o Schevist - NY Times Gives Great Map!

Let me just say that, as a Geography Major from UCLA, no one does better maps that the New York Times.
Their maps convey information, trends and interesting data conveyed in a unique way.  They are (with a few others) rethinking the purpose of maps.  As we move to Tom-Toms and GoogleMaps, the need for maps as directions are becoming redundant.  We got around in Iceland without ever using a map, ion a city where the most basic words are difficult to understand.  (Ég tala ekki íslensku means I don't speak Icelandic).
So this is a copy of their newspaper section today that shows, every county in American.  In it is:
- What the margin of victory was in total (Winner's total minus loser's total) and by party (Red v blue).
- An arrow who's direction indicates it if got more Red or more Blue AND who's length shows by how many percentage points.
What makes this so freakin' amazing, is that you don't really have to read an information key to get the gist of it.  That is some great map making.
Select to increase size, but it is basically really easy to red even in Newsprint.  Kudos.


Magellan from Wisconsin said...

I see a very rural(red)/urban(blue) split. All sorts of questions and thoughts arise.......

Anonymous said...

NY times map and chart makers are truly amazing! I love them.