Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pope Goofus and Pope Gallant

Remember Goofus and Gallent - if you didn't read Highlights ® you might not. ( FYI - I read Highlights ® for years when I was little and thought ® was just part of the name - I didn't know it was a registered trademark item.. but I digress).

If you don't remember, here is an example.


Why bring this up, you ask?  Because we now have Pope Gallant (Francis) and Pope Goofus (emeritus Pope Benedict).  And while Pope Gallant is  building goodwill for all, and reminding people why the church is a wonderful thing, Pope Goofus just can't keep his big Hitler Youth trap shut.
Pope Gallant
Pope Gallant thinks dwelling on political issues takes away from the church's mission to the poor, the needy and those looking for spiritual comfort. 

Pope Goofus
Pope Goofus says "We didn't touch them that much."

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