Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Condor Cam !

Way out in the middle of no where California (yes, there are lots of "no where" California - it's a big state), FedEx and the Oakland Zoo have set up a Condor Cam.

It is in an area where captive Condors are released and learn to fend for themselves.  Right  now, these are eating / fighting over food.  There are a lot of warnings that there might be graphic feeding (Condors are vultures).  But this is way cool - if you are like me and remember the last of the Californian Condors caught int he wild.
Wider shot
We have recovered their numbers to hundreds from less than 20 birds.  Much of the problem was lead poisoning.  Condors would eat animals that were shot, and then would eat the lead bullets.  California has outlawed lead bullets now.
They are still endangered (heck there are only a few hundred), but they now fly free in Central California, Southern California and Arizona near the Grand Canyon.


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