Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is Angela Christiano, she is a hair geneticist who is working on baldness and apparently getting some very very promising results. And so I give huge props to her.  She is a smart, successful scientist that men and women around the world should admire.
And, as a feminist, I would make the same comments that follow about a man or woman in this case.  I don't hold her to a different standard because she is a woman.
And so, I say with upmost respect - what's with the hair?  Dr. Christiano is a professor at Colombia and and was on TV and in the New York Times.  And so someone clearly dolled her up for her TV appearance.  Someone without an eye for "editing".  She looks a little like Snooki's mom (at least what I imagine Snooki's mom to look like, I haven't ever actually seen Snooki Senior).
It's not just the hair, it is the "serious scientist" look with the bright red lipstick, too much blush and the french tips.  I kind of LOVE IT.  This is a woman who you first say, honey get some help here.  Then, the more you look, the more you think she is saying a big screw you to everyone who calls her out.  This look says, I got a banging interview with NBC at 6:30 and then I am at the Red Onion's Happy Hour at 7:30 - ladies, lock up your sons.
Her amazing research here.  She actually suffers from alopecia areata - which leaves her with occasional bald spots on the back of her scalp.  Methinks she overcompensates a bit.

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Ears lowered (think about it) from Wisconsin said...

Seriously....how does she do it? Some anti gravity tornado machine?