Thursday, March 27, 2014

My New 'do

Now I was going to title this My New Anderson Cooper 'do, but I can’t for two reasons.
First – I have turned comments back on and any title that is remotely searchable (such as “Anderson Cooper” ) immediately gets a bunch ‘o spam comments.  And it is annoying to keep deleting Japanese offers of Viagra and Russian offers of Valium.
Second – well, maybe my new hairdo isn't quite as Anderson as I hoped.
You see I have, for many years kept my hair in the “hot mess” mode.   Once my hair moved primarily from blond to grey, I cut it fairly short and just messed it up – with a bit of a flop to the side.  This worked well for year.  But as my grey is coming in, I kept having to cut it shorter and my “mess” began to look a little Frankenstein for me (grey hair tends to stand straight up, not flop well).
So, having seen a picture of Anderson Cooper on Seth Meyers late show, I thought, I could do that.
It doesn’t look bad, but maybe not the Anderson Cooper look I was going for.
Maybe a little more grey Tintin than distinguished Anderson.  But whatevs.  I like it.


Stylist from Wisconsin said...

You've never looked

Seriously, Scooter. You'll always be dapper.

Just sayin' in Wisconsin said...

Now....if you suddenly develop the cutest laugh ever, and if Kathy Griffin starts hanging out in your kitchen...well, my friend, then you'll have turned the Anderson look-alike corner.