Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Whoopsie Daisy

So... working now I tend to wear Uniqlo Airism T-Shirts.  They are nice, don’t shrink and are made with mainly cotton and something else that “whisks away moisture”.  You know, so my sweat doesn’t show.
I really like them.  But I hate when my t-shirts bunch up, so I tend to tuck them into my underwear.  
Well, today after a trip to the bathroom I retuck my undershirt, tuck in my shirt – wash my hands and leave.  As I leave, I tend to pull up the top shirt a little so it is okay when I sit down.
I grasp the shirt and pull up a little, not knowing that my Uniqlo Airism t-shirt is snagged on my downward dog junk (I dress down and right).  So the yank catches my t-shirt on my private parts and unceremoniously tries to rearrange my testicles to a new position above my penis. This not only doesn’t work, it causes a standing ab-crunch with the associated “oafff” noise. 
Luckily no one sees me.  Unluckily, someone does see me a moment later as I reach into to my pants to unsnag my junk.  I thought about explaining it to the person for a second, but then I realized than this was a contractor from India and he probably just chalks it up to American craziness.  And I let him.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm laughing so hard. Women's underthings can have similar complexity. I was doing a play several years ago, and used a short break to duck into the ladies to tinkle. When I came out one of the other players hissed "FREEZE!" Fortunately I listened to her and froze in my tracks. In the course pulling the old panty hose back up, I had captured the entire back hem of my skirt. So I would have walked onstage with my ass on full display. P.S. It was a church play....hehehe --svh