Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Young Mr. Spencer Day gave us a great show

Spencer Day is a crooner of the old variety that is tops.  His style is so fun, you want to get into the groove.
Spencer from our seats (no zoom)
Well, Eddie and I saw him Monday night at Birdland, where he was launching his latest album.  It was a blast.  His album is 1960s songs that are kind of jazz-y (Never My Love), some songs that he gets into the 106-s groove (These boots Were Made for Walking), and one that he does in a blues style that seems all wrong, but works (Bad Moon Rising).
Just a taste....
He is also quite funny.  He told a lot of stories about his "one of these things is not like the other" youth growing up in a divorced Mormon household with an attraction to liquor and men that he realized at as a youth while doing a year in Mexico.  He passed up his mission for. the sins of San Francisco.
Birdland is tiny and the perfect place to see a singer (we also saw Morgan James there - she was great).  We sat next to a British couple from the east seacoast near London - and we all had a blast.  They were just looking for live music, and the hotel steered them to Birdland.  They loved the music.
After the show we purchased an album and met him and it was a blast.
Me, Spencer and Sue (from England)

Eddie and Spencer

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