Monday, June 02, 2014

Mascot of the Month: The Ephemeral

My Stumbled-Upon Moment in Bosnia
It’s an odd choice, granted.  But the Ephemeral, that moment which is both fleeting and everlasting, is magical.
I was struck by this yesterday as we drove to Ashbury Park in New Jersey.  Ed was driving with the top down and Randy was in the front seat.  There is no good way to carry on a conversation in such a position, so I was in the back, zoning out.  Which I do excellently, by the by.  Really, I could give classes in letting the mind wander in a wondrous, if entirely non-productive fashion.  But I digress.
So, I was sitting in the back seat, and on a slow part of the road, I was looking up.  And, as we were going down the road, the trees above and these trees is a beautiful green canopy.  The moment has these very cool trees with brand new leaves with the sum streaming through this place.  It was very cool.  It sounds simple, but I grew up where trees don’t lose their leafs.   We have essentially a lot of Jacarandas, Palms, Eucalyptus and other trees that don’t really lose their leafs.  So the new leafs are very cool looking with the sun shining through and it was new to me.
One of Shelly's Moments from Greece
And, I thought, it is moments like this – unexpected and fleeting – that make life really special.  I think that is why we travel.  And I mean “we” in the collective humanity version of that.  My mom and Nick ride their motorcycle throughout the west and are awed by random moments of nature’s grandeur.  My friend Shelly just went to Greece and the simplest things struck her as mesmerizing.  Even a walk in Central Park is an occasion to experience the moment of life in a dog burrowing in the ground, or the sound of a fountain in the middle of the city.

So The Ephemeral is the mascot This Month.  Go out and grab it.

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