Friday, June 05, 2015

Amy Schumer is HIGH-Larious

Amy Schumer got a Woman of the Year award from Glamour magazine in London  (you know, thinking about it, why do we keep the British "our" in Glamour, but got rid of it in colour?).  Anyway, Amy Schumer is a funny woman and her speech her is very funny if also very very unsafe for work.
Shelly, my dear, I think of you with her post male-underwear comment where she says "... I don't care,  I don't live here."  It is delivered in exactly your style.
And any of you who haven't met my mother, Jennifer Saunders in the background is kind of the embodiment of her.  Both amused and annoyed that this funny woman won't get off the stage.  The longer Amy goes on the more Jennifer likes her.

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Anonymous said...

It's true, I DON'T care -- I don't live there. lol -svh