Friday, July 17, 2015

Why does War cause no concern, but Peace brings out the Politicians screaming?

So, in February of this year, President Obama officially asked Congress to declare war (retroactively and going forward) on ISIS or ISIL or whatever you want to called the Sunni based beheading machine in Syria and Iraq.  This after a year or so of dropping bombs on them.
Nothing.  Not only no declaration, but no real calls to stop the war.
There were muted calls when we bombed Libya a few years ago, but very muted (we didn't like Gaddafi).  President Bush (the younger) rolled into Iraq without a war authorization (unless you count the lie that Hussein was behind 9/11 - which we all no had no shred of truth).  Yet no big deal.
This is the US drone attacks on Yemen through last year.  It is now in a state of civil war.  Not a murmur of dissent.
Through 2014 (before the civil war), drone and airstrikes done by the US
However, we conclude a peaceful accord to keep Iran Atomic Bomb free for 10 - 15 years (b ringing on board every permanent member of the UN Security Council, plus Iran and Germany!), and this cause giant upheaval and condemnations from American politicians.  Why?  Why are our politicians so eager to reach out to kill others, but so adamantly against not killing people?

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