Tuesday, December 01, 2015

University of Minnesota

The Administration Building

So this week-end Eddie and I went to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving.  We had a great meal (thank you Carson and Ursula!) and a great time with Ed's family.  I'll post pictures later.
But on Saturday we went to the Wisconsin Badger / Minnesota Gophers football game.  Before we traveled to the game, we visited the campus.  It was very pretty but (as you can see) butt cold!
This is "The Armory" which is where the ROTC is now.  It is about 100 years old.  Very cool, castle.

This is Pilsbury Hall.  Yes, those Pilsburys.  It is a beautiful old building (maybe the oldest).  Although Eddie and Susan believe it is a trifle phallic.

John, Eddie and I doing the "Goldie Gopher" poise.

Eddie, John and Sue

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