Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fonda: Ed's Parent's Hometown

Ed's (maternal) Grandfather's Doctor's office used to be above the bank.
My Eddie is the product of two Fondians.  That is, his mother and father were both born and raised in Fonda Iowa, population - somewhere between 800 - 600 (back then, now a bit under 400).
While we were at the family reunion, Eddie and I took an afternoon out to go to Fonda and see everything.  And I thought .. everything... would be dull as dishwater, but it was quite fun.  I will share.
Ed's (paternal) Grandparent's farm.  The old homestead was just torn down and new barn and house going up.  But as far as you can see - the farm.
Ed's (m) Grandfather and GrandAunt's house.  His mom and two aunts grew up here.
We also went to the Fonda Museum.  It is an amazing project of a couple of people and very interesting.

Right as you step in, there is Ed's (m) Grandfather.  A Doctor who was also a Knight of Saint Gregory!

loved it!

Okay, an ORIGINAL Sky King.  Even kid's toys were streamlined in the 1930s!!!
Finally, as it was Memorial Day (eve), we went by the cemetery to pay our respects.  What I find amazing is that both sides of the family are here.  In fact, I took this picture (where the flowers are) at his maternal Grandfather's gravesite, and Eddie is standing at his paternal Grandparent's grave site.  That is odd.  I mean, for me, one set of Grandparents is from Illinois, and the other from Utah and one from the Netherlands.  Here, they are all from Fonda!

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