Thursday, May 26, 2016

Olympic Museum in Lausanne

As we were bumbling around Switzerland - on our way to the airport, Ed and I stopped off in Lausanne at the Olympic Museum.  It was very cool, since both Eddie and I are big Olympic fans.
Here were some highlights.
On the outside as you walked up to the museum there were statues of the various events.  Included (not pictured) the height of the high jump bar (Ed and I couldn't stand and touch the top) and the real height of the pole vault.  Other images were statues.
Bicyclists with Lake Geneva in the background.
Also there was a small statue of the LA Olympic statue of the athletes.  I was happy.

Inside there were lots of displays and interactive exhibits.  I didn't take pictures of many, but the ones I did meant something to us.
The torches from Sarajevo and LA (we have the torches from Beijing and Vancouver)

Remember this guy from the Beijing opening ceremony!  They had these!

I don't remember the Torino Opening ceremonies - but these are camp classics!  I easily see a drag queen in one of these bad boys with a giant snowflake on her head.

Bizarre area about life in the olympic village with country warm up suits worn by manikins.  Behind them the translucent towers are the signature boards from Sochi.  Apparently the athletes sign these in unity and hope for peace.

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