Thursday, June 09, 2016

I'm Back

May was crazy. I said it would be. Then I was asked to teach this week, so my posting has been light to say the least. 

But I am back, and will start up again. 

I have , at different times, decided to stop. But why?  I like blogging and if people don't want to read it don't. 

Anyway, buckle in. Later Hillary will be mascot of the month - but I'm not at a computer now only my phone, so that will have wait. Instead let's talk about the danger of ignoring stupidity. 

In this I have been as guilty as anyone. Why discuss Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter?  That is what they want. 

Why? Because if you don't refute them at some point people believe them. And then, bibbeti-bobbeti-boo, we have a lying racist as the actual nominee of a major party. 

Do I think he will win?  Of course not. But he could. Hillary could have a heart attack on October 28th. The people that convinced half of us global warming is fake, cigarettes are good for you and slight anal leakage is okay from a taster potatoe chip might convince us Donald Trump isn't an egomaniacal danger to the world. 

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