Friday, June 10, 2016

Mascot of the Month: Hillary Clinton

The US has it first Female nominee for President, Hillary Clinton.  Lots of people hate her, which is odd, since when she was Senator or Secretary of State, lots of people liked her.

Hillary gets terrible news coverage, and the Republicans (and Fox News) love to harp on her.  Love it! We have the umpteenth Benghazi committee and they have already publicly said it is designed to hurt Hilary, not to find facts (LINK) (LINK).

She isn't beautiful, she isn't a great public speaker, but the woman can lead, legislate and knows hert shit.  That is what I want in a President.  Lots of people dislike her because she stayed with her husband through the affair.  Now, those that are annoyed because they wanted her to leave, I get.  But I do not understand the Christians that hate her for this.  I mean, a family is supposed to be primary, she married him for better or worse, and she made it work.  Perhaps they think she stayed only for political reasons.  Perhaps they KNOW this.  How?  How can you judge what's in her heart?  That's way Christian of you.

Many Bernie people hate her because she gave speeches to banks.  She was, for years, New York's Senator, and she worked with them. Those people (and Bernie) seem to be happier to scream in the wind than get things done.  Okay - sorry, Hillary works with people, if you hate that, I understand.  I don't agree, but I understand.

Many people scream about her vote to go to war in Iraq.  She has coped to this being a mistake and learned from it.  You know how many politicians will acknowledge a mistake?  Too damn few.  George Bush and Dick Cheney still claim there were weapons of mass destruction there.   Donald Trump can't admit he is ever wrong, even with video proof.

People say she lies, if so, it is less than any other candidate (see bottom graphic from polifact).

Let's face it, she is held to a higher standard as a woman.  She is belittled and mocked for being tough, smart and ambitious.  They say her voice grates when she raises it.  They say she is too insecure when she doesn't raise her voice.  They say she is weak when she shows emotion.  They say she is a cold hearted bitch when she doesn't show emotion.  I say she is tough and she knows that the Presidency is a shit storm - she has sailed through it for decades.


polifact graphs for the top 4 candidates....

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