Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our Hawk is Back

Our Hawk is back!!!

Perhaps some backstory is needed.  When we first moved up here, we found a hawk that hunted in our area around Morning Side Park.  We spotted him flying right in front of our window (we are on the 10th floor, and the park is way below us) on the look out for food.
The park as feeding grounds
When he got something, he and his mate would usually eat it over on the top of the old hospital, right outside our window.
Watching...  When they ate it was on the green gable behind.
Then one day, we didn't see him in his nest on top of the Cathedral outside oru window, St. John The Devine.
The nest he and his partner shared... (and where they are in the top picture)
But a few days later we read this, and knew it was our Hawk!
News story.
He shouldn't have been hunting in a strange neighborhood - but all is forgiven now.  Well, the good news is that about 5 days after that story, they released the hawk, and it was definitely ours.  As you can see from the very top picture, our Hawk and his mate are back in their nests.  We saw him flying by the last few days and could not be happier.

Funny how the simple things in life - even life itself, make you feel joy when news makes you feel like shit.

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